Apprentices in Business & Print/Mailing Production

Pepper has numerous great opportunities to work in a fun, high tech environment with plenty of room for you to develop and progress. We’re a family company run by four brothers with a track record of developing apprentices in two areas. You can choose between:

  • Business
    working with our customers, estimating jobs, making proposals, managing how jobs are scheduled and completed;
  • Production
    working with some great kit (we make big investments in our machinery) learning how studio, print, laser, mailing actually make it happen – it is a highly skilled job.

Whichever route you choose, we’ll give you the chance to find out about the whole business. You will have a planned development programme over the course of your apprenticeship. This will give you off the job training delivered through the British Print Industry Federation as well as an introduction to the print industry.

With Pepper you will have a mentor and a family Director who will meet with you regularly to see how you are getting on. In your first year you will move between different areas in our factory or business functions.

You will also find a helpful and supportive group of colleagues who have also been, or are, apprentices. They will understand what its like to start in a new job.

Longer term if you enjoy working with us (and most people do!) and you are hard-working and find your niche… then you will be first in line for a post-apprenticeship job.

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