Complete Guide to Data Hygiene


Every year in the UK almost 60 million pieces of direct mail are still mistargeted – sent multiple times, sent to people that have moved or to people that have passed away. This is not only expensive, costing UK businesses £1 billion per year in wasted marketing costs and brand damage, but it is also irrevocably eroding the reputation of an industry that contributes over £10 billion each year to the economy and is proven to be an extremely effective and cost efficient form of marketing.

Who is the guide for?

Marketing managers, marketing directors, CRM managers and anyone involved in the managing or buying of customer data.

Why you need it?

Mistargeted direct mail costs UK businesses £1 billion per year in wasted marketing costs, we're on a mission to eliminate those cost to your business.

Key areas covered:

  • How to Buy Suppression and Trace Data
  • The main types of suppression such as gone aways and deceased in simple terms
  • The business benefits of running suppressions
  • The common pitfalls



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