All prices are subject to confirmation on sight of order & artwork/data. Requested authors corrections, additional proofs and data re-supplies will be charged extra (See below). This quoted price is based on our standard turnaround time of within five working days for print and ship jobs and within ten working days for print and mail campaigns, unless otherwise specified above. Turnaround times can be accelerated for a premium to be confirmed by your sales representative.


All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT, which is charged extra if applicable. Orders via a customer credit account are subject to credit availability. All estimates are subject to our standard terms & conditions of trade which is included on the last page of your quote pdf.


All data is charged at read in price per file, if data has been quoted as one file but the file is supplied with multiple data tabs then there will be an additional charge of £15.00 for each data tab supplied. If data is supplied in error, then re-supplied after read-in stage an additional read-in charge of £15.00 will be applied.


This quotation is subject to the availability of the necessary paper when the order is placed and to the price ruling at the time. The price of paper within this quote is guaranteed for one calendar month only. If a substitution needs to be made it will be for an equal grade or better. All Pepper house stocks are FSC certified and allow us to produce the highest quality final product for all our customers.

Press Passes

Are available on request and all press pass time is chargeable at £20.00 per half hour.

Mail Presentation

All mailing quotes are based on data supplied equalling no more than 20 mailsort bags/trays per 1,000 records for Large Letter. Any additional bags/trays will be charged at £0.10 per bag/tray.


For your protection we are platinum members of the BPIF, fully GDPR compliant, we have FSC certification and maintain the highest quality standards certified by the BSI with our ISO 9001 & 14001 certification. We are proud to be managing our colour output using Mellow Colour software running 12647-2 the industry standard for producing excellent and consistent colour results.

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