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Pepper have launched a new and improved file upload system as part of an ongoing initiative to give customers an Armchair Ride.

The new system allows designers, agencies, marketing managers and other Pepper customers to send any type of file directly, without the worry of dealing with cumbersome email attachments and limited bandwidth. Furthermore, the Pepper uploader now provides a direct link to the print room, which means that as soon as your files arrive our team can start working on them.

The Pepper uploader also boasts great features to speed up the link between our customers and a completed job, including;

  • Email alerts to Pepper and clients
  • The ability to upload multiple files
  • Improved status, and estimated upload time features

Planned enhancements and upgrades to Pepper's connectivity in the New Year, including a 100mb leased line fibre connection, will improve the efficiency of the uploader even more!

Pepper look forward to you using the system and hearing your comments in due course.

Take a look at the new uploader here...

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We’re really delighted with the latest issue of our Chicken & Egg magazine. It’s perfect! We love the new size, and the new paper envelope which reduces our plastic usage as a charity, and the saving on postage as a result has been huge. This wouldn’t have been possible with your knowledge and expertise, so a huge thanks to you and the team at Pepper.

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