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Pepper and the environment

Our vision is to provide Intelligent and creative marketing solutions in an environmentally responsible way

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Saving the planet is no mean feat, but we can all make small changes to help. At Pepper we have constantly been making changes to reduce our impact on natural resources and will continue to do so. We also help our clients to do the same. 

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Providing a complete offline communications provision under one roof hugely minimises mileage usually travelled by the finished product. We also use smart LED lighting with motion sensors so we only use what we absolutely need to. Our most recent commitment was changing all company cars to electric only.

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Just some of our green efforts...

The Pepper site has a huge roof space and every available inch of this has been covered in solar panels generating 100KW of power. That’s a whopping 46,000kg of CO2 per year.

We use smart LED lighting with motion sensors for all our internal factory and office spaces.

Installation of our biggest investment to date, our newest CO2 Neutral Heidelberg printing press.

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We can supply all paper as Carbon Balanced.

Our biggest consumable is paper, that’s why we offer FSC approved mixed and 100% recycled paper stocks. All our FSC certified paper is sourced from fully sustainable forests. New trees are growing at a rate of 4,400 square km per year. That’s 1,500 football pitches per day.

We use vegetable based ink with all our standard CMYK printing. Vegetable-based inks are less harmful to the environment than their petroleum-based counterparts. Our printing inks are certified according to Cradle to Cradle, this enables us to produce ecologically optimised print products.

We offer vegetable based compostable alternatives for all our plastic enclosing.

All of our waste that can be recycled is recycled. We are working towards Zero to landfill.


Of course, we know there is more to do, and we need your help!

When asking for quotes for projects ask for our green options.

Together we can make a difference and by using our environmental options. You can let your customers know by displaying our green marketing logos on your projects.

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We’re really delighted with the latest issue of our Chicken & Egg magazine. It’s perfect! We love the new size, and the new paper envelope which reduces our plastic usage as a charity, and the saving on postage as a result has been huge. This wouldn’t have been possible with your knowledge and expertise, so a huge thanks to you and the team at Pepper.