Pepper’s polywrapping services are fully automated and we are able to wrap up to 6 items ranging from A6 – A4 finished size using clear environmentally friendly poly, without compromising on the quality of the presentation. Polywrapping adds a professional, protective touch to direct mail materials, which can make all the difference in that crucial first impression.

Benefits of polywrapping

It doesn’t cost a lot to polywrap a promotional item or group of materials, but doing so can strengthen your whole campaign. Just that thin layer of poly can protect the enclosed materials from wear and tear when they’re in transit, keeping them in pristine condition for as long as possible.

In addition, the poly will ensure that they’re fully waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about the rain ruining your beautifully printed materials. Our automated polywrapping system makes the whole process as quick and low-cost as possible, so it won’t cause you to lose out on time or money.

Polywrap Options

We have two main polywrap options that you can choose from below. If you have any questions about how our polywrapping services can suit your business requirements then contact us today and speak to one of our experienced account managers.

PepperLite – Standard, Tough, Lightweight Polythene

Pepperlite is an extremely tough, lightweight 30 micron polythene material that gives you substantial cost savings compared to alternative polythene packaging materials.

Typically, by delivering the same strength from a thinner multi-layered product, Pepperlite can reduce the weight of your polythene consumption by 20% – leading to less plastic waste going into our landfill system and resulting in a reduction in client cost.

As well as saving you up to 20% in financial costs, Pepperlite also significantly reduces your carbon footprint. By using Pepperlite you’ll be saving money and saving the environment.

PepperAir – Premium, Bio-based, Carbon Negative

PepperAir is our environmentally green 100% recyclable & carbon negative poly, it truly is the greenest material we know of. The sugar cane actively captures CO2 from the atmosphere, while at the same time releasing oxygen – making this material not just green, but proactively green.

PepperAir material can be chosen as an alternative to regular polythene, offering your company the opportunity to improve your green credentials, meet legislative requirements and deliver improved environmental solutions.

Personalisation & quality

Polywrapping doesn’t negate the other benefits of Pepper’s direct mail services. We can still ensure that the materials, including the plastic itself, are fully personalised. We also hand-finish the wrapping, which means our customers can be assured of consistent quality and attention to detail for all of their materials.

If you want to find out more about our polywrapping services and how they can benefit your direct mail campaigns, get in touch with Pepper today. One of our account managers will be able to answer any questions you might have and help you work out your next steps.