Pepper’s postage solutions help you execute your direct mail marketing campaign as efficiently as possible. We can help our clients to choose the very best postage rates for their campaigns, taking into account your budget, the size of the campaign and the timeframe in which the materials need to arrive on your audience’s doorsteps. Helping you achieve your postage targets is our speciality.

We’ve partnered with Royal Mail and many Down Stream Access (DSA) providers such as Whistl, Citi Post and OnePost to ensure that as many options are available to our clients as possible. The different types of postage that we offer include:

  • 1st and 2nd Class mail posted on account
  • Business Mail™
  • Advertising Mail™
  • Sustainable® Advertising Mail
  • Advertising Mail™ with Response
  • Publishing Mail™
  • Low Sort
  • High Sort
  • CBC & OCR
  • Mailmark™

We can also use our expertise to pre-sort your mail before it’s injected into these various postal systems, which helps you to keep your costs to a minimum. If there’s a way to help you save time and money, we’ll find it.

With so many different options available, we prefer to talk directly to you to work out what will work best for your business. Contact us and speak to one of our team members about your requirements.