Here at Pepper, we provide our customers with the highest quality printing services utilising industry-leading digital printing and litho printing solutions. We can print a variety of materials to fit any design specifications, budget constraints and tight deadlines.

Which is better, digital or litho printing?

Digital and litho printing are both great methods of printing, and which one is better depends upon your requirements. Digital printing is a more affordable alternative, offering a quicker turnaround with more personalisation options during the printing process. Litho printing involves more materials therefore costs more. The production process also takes longer due to the more detailed results expected of litho printing. As for which one is better, it depends on how quickly you need the materials and what quality you are looking for in your finished materials.

Print all your promotional materials

Take your customers on a journey with magazine printing, allowing you to showcase your products, services and business in their living rooms. A magazine through the letterbox, or handed out an event, is more eye-catching than an email could ever be, creating a tangibility unrivalled by online media.

For a more specific product advertising platform, our catalogue printing services can exhibit your stock with the highest quality paper and printing methods. Litho printed catalogues are of the premium standard, helping your business to look and feel superior in the hands of potential customers.

Ongoing print contracts

We work with the majority of our clients on a contractual basis, where we print all the materials you need over a period of time to help you carry out your campaigns. This means that we get to know your business and you get to know us, allowing a working relationship to develop that makes the whole process more efficient and beneficial to all involved. One of our account managers will be your point of contact to ensure that you’re happy with how everything’s progressing and to answer any questions you might have along the way.

Our experienced team of dedicated Account Managers will give you great advice about tailored print solutions and one-off print and direct mail pieces. please call 0845 060 3050.