The Power of Mail for Fundraising - A Guide


Mail has long been at the heart of charity fundraising and supporter relationships. In today’s increasingly digital world, mail is a powerful media channel used by organisations large and small to reach audiences and to help supporters feel truly valued.

What do we mean by mail? In this guide, ‘mail’ is used to reference any communication that reaches the public through their letter box, whether that takes the form of addressed letters, unaddressed door drops, postcards, newsletters, reports, event packs, retail catalogues or more.
An integral part of the fundraising mix, charities often use mail to thank supporters for their commitment and donations; to provide updates; to equip event participants, campaigners and volunteers with what they need to take action and, of course, to appeal for funds. More recent developments have seen an influx of charity mail subscription services on the market, and the integration of new technology, bringing mail into the digital world.

What to Expect From This Guide
This guide explores how charities can make the most of mail, finding both new and improved ways to connect with their audiences to raise funds and to nurture the all-important supporter relationship. 

Key areas covered:

  • The changing world of mail
  • Why mail?
  • Understanding mail
  • Using mail for fundraising
  • Planning & delivering a successful mail campaign
  • Knowing your responsibilities

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