Pepper Plant List

Pepper Plant List

At Pepper we our proud of our extensive equipment list. If you are technically minded take a look.

We are running the most modern, efficient lithographic print technology available on the market today, the Heidelberg XL106 is the most advanced press in the lithographic range of machines. The Speedmaster XL 106 is certified CO2 Neutral, energy efficient and includes Inpress control, this technology scans every press sheet automatically so that you can be reassured of the highest quality (High definition) ISO 12647-2 output and colour consistency throughout the run from the first to last sheet.

We only use vegetable based inks when printing and all of our inks are Cradle to Cradle certified. 

To find out more about our extensive list of equipment, click on the link below.


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The team at Pepper take pride in making and shaping the very best quality marketing communications for all of our customers.
With so much in-house capability we are immensely proud of the machinery we have invested in to ensure the highest quality product can be produced.
Simply put we are well equipped with the tools to complete the job within relatively short lead times, whilst maintaining our certified ISO 9001 quality standard.  We have even invested in a certified carbon neutral Heidelberg XL106 lithographic printing press with Inpress colour control (ISO 12647-2), ensuring consistently produced high definition print always.
With in-house personalisation, lamination, die-cutting and binding facilities there really is no limit to what can be achieved on site.
Our experienced team of craftsmen enjoy working with passion and particularly love providing customer delight whilst on the journey towards the same goal.
With our continued investment in the latest technology you can be sure the best possible equipment is being used to create the wow factor on your next campaign.




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At Pepper, we strive to be leaders, committed to our clients and to excellence that drives achievement. We're proud to be able to share these awards and accreditations with you.

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