Direct mail marketing

Using demographic and psychographic insights to fuel your marketing in 2020

It’s easy to think that marketing is all about numbers. When return on investment and increased growth are in the back of your mind at all times it’s only natural.

Printing tips and advice

How to transfer digital designs to print

Though direct mail marketing is an offline channel, digital design is the standard way of creating the campaign’s materials. However, you can’t just have a designer mock something up and assume that the printed material will look good.

Direct mail marketing

How to improve online conversions with offline marketing campaigns

The digital age tempts marketers to focus all their time and money online. While it’s important to reach people on the internet, it’s crucial that you don’t forget the value of tried and tested offline marketing efforts.


4 local marketing ideas to help your business get noticed

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy, with 60% of workers in the UK employed by a SME (small to medium sized enterprise). Many of these businesses exist to serve a particular area in the UK. They could be anything from an independent cafe in a town centre to a law firm that works with clients in the same city.

Direct mail marketing

How to run eco-friendly print ads

Direct mail campaigns can be powerful marketing tools but there is a perception that they’re not so good for the environment. The reality is that their impact will be directly controlled by the people in charge of the campaign. The decisions that you make throughout will affect how eco-friendly your materials can be.

Direct mail marketing

What makes a successful direct mail campaign

A successful direct mail campaign involves more than sending flyers out and hoping for the best. It takes careful planning, creative skills and good data to reach the right people and make your message stick. When it’s run well, a direct mail campaign can offer an excellent return on investment and win you loyal customers.

Direct mail marketing

6 offline strategies to build your online brand identity

Over the past decade, more firms than ever have begun allocating an increasing amount of budget and resources to digital marketing in order to achieve strategic goals, while traditional marketing efforts become more and more scarce. In short, this shift is based on the recent evidence that online marketing efforts can be cheaper, easier to measure and analysed, as well as providing a greater insight into a company’s active clientele base. This, in turn, provides answers to the age-old marketing question of how to build a brand.


Herald Business Awards 2018

  "One of the best family businesses in Plymouth..."   Pepper has been shortlisted in the Family Business of the Year category as part of the 2018 Herald Business Awards.


Hotel letter delayed 25 Years in the post finally delivered.

A woman from Bristol has received a letter sent to her nearly 25 years ago.   Sally Waters, who still lives in the same house in St Andrew's, said the letter was dated 27 August 1991 and contained a receipt for a deposit from the Cliffden Hotel in Teignmouth.   The sealed envelope came in a plastic bag with a sticker which said "we're sorry this item has been delayed in the post".   Royal Mail was unable to say for certain why the letter arrived so late. A spokesman said it had probably been put back into the postal system by someone, rather than being "lost in the post".   Ms Waters said she was not upset at the late delivery as it did not stop her going on the holiday she was planning for, in 1992. She wondered if the letter "fell behind a shelf and got mislaid" and said she was "quite amused" by the matter. "Somebody said I ought to frame it," she added.   If you've been let down by your postal provider with late delivery give us a call and see how we can help reach your customers on time. Call 08450 603050   Source:


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - plus the Legendary Pepper Desk Top Calendar

Wishing all our clients, staff, friends and family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. At this time of year we look back at the highs and the lows, the good with the bad. The quick turn-arounds, the deadlines made and missed, the proofs sent, artwork amended, the favours done and jobs and campaigns delivered to happy clients with the odd sprinkling of problems resolved. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and hard work to deliver some incredible work for some great clients.


Pepper Data Quality & Matching Whitepaper - Demystifying Data

A brief summary of each section of the Whitepaper can be read below, enter your name and email to download the full printable PDF version (We send you a link on email too if you're on your phone now, don't worry!)  


How to create a PDF/X1-a PDF from InDesign

Read the article below or enter your email to download the printable PDF version


How to prepare a print ready flat and single fold document in InDesign

Read the article below or enter your email to download the printable PDF version [email-download download_id="1396" contact_form_id="1395"]


How to prepare a print ready multi-page document in InDesign

Read the article below to download the printable PDF version


How to prepare a print ready Roll, Gate or Z-Fold document in InDesign

Read the article below to download the printable PDF version


Plymouth Herald Business Awards Finalists

We are pleased to announce that we are finalists in two categories of the 2015 Plymouth Herald Business Awards being held at Plymouth Pavilions on Thursday 23rd April 2015. Steve Whitford Chairman at Pepper is a finalist for the Lifetime Achievement Award alongside Bill Alderman, David King, Dr Suzanne Sparrow and Larry Speare.


Plymouth Herald Business Feature

Hot off the press is a feature by Plymouth Herald Business relating to the longevity and success of Pepper.


Creating a direct mail campaign – why your data is important

If your mailing list isn’t current you could face some embarrassing implications to your marketing campaign not to mention loss of investment. How do you expect to get your predicted response rates if you don’t check your data regularly? With seven thousand people moving home each day it’s easy to see how your carefully prepared material can end up in the wrong hands and straight into the recycling.


Free direct mail data health check with Pepper

We can help to ensure that your data is managed & cleansed correctly but most importantly we will work with you to ensure your data is GDPR compliant.  In addition to this we can create prospect pools, perform analysis and profile your data. Our range of sophisticated data processing services are designed to complement and integrate with the full range of mailing house solutions that we provide, including direct mail management, personalisation, lettershop and polythene enclosing.

creative design

Our Guide to Specialist Print Finishes

Using a specialist print finish can make your printed artwork stand-out and can be the perfect addition to your direct mail campaign. There are a wide range of finishes you can apply to your design. Have you ever considered adding a Spot UV varnish, embossing, hot foil or lamination?

artwork files

Tips of the Trade - Creating a PDF from InDesign

It can be frustrating and confusing when you are dealing with the best settings to export your artwork to PDF. Here are our useful tips for Adobe InDesign to ensure you get the best results from your print.

Direct mail marketing

The Power of Direct Mail Marketing

The majority of your marketing will be digital but have you considered that many consumers want information and offers via print communications? Have you considered the advantages of a print campaign? Tangible and attention grabbing media helps connect businesses with consumers at home, on their terms.

biodegradable polywrap

How to Brief a Print Supplier

The work your print supplier produces for you will only be as good as the brief you give them. Therefore, it’s important to give them as much information as possible to ensure a great result. It might be worthwhile (and certainly more cost-effective) to have several print jobs done at the same time e.g. brochures, mailers, letterheads, flyers, etc., so have a think about all your printing requirements that could possibly be done at the same time.


Get Your Print and Marketing Communications on Trend for Summer 2014

After the high of national and international events in 2012 and 2013 which saw some huge graphic design projects including the Olympics and Golden Jubilee Celebrations take place. 2014 is shaping up to be a year of budget sensitive, smaller design and marketing projects for many businesses. This is influencing the way printing jobs are approached and designed, which in turn is affected by technological advancements in printing techniques.

Direct mail marketing

Hitting the target with direct mail campaigns

We’ve all suffered the irritation of having to sift through a slew of junk mail on a Saturday morning. It’s not surprising, therefore, that a lot of companies have been put off considering direct mail campaigns for themselves. With the right planning, some know-how and a little inventiveness, direct mail can be an effective weapon in your marketing, sales and promotions arsenal.

Litho Printing

5 tips for managing print collateral

Look in to your office store cupboard; we’re willing to bet that there is some unused print collateral in there; anything from dusty, out-of-date brochures, through to unused stationery with the wrong address on it. Take heart, you’re not alone in having a surplus of unused print collateral. Not only is unused print costly it’s also wasteful and impractical - what else could you be storing instead?

Litho Printing in Plymouth

Make Money And Save Money Using A Print Management Company

A print management company can help your business make money and save money by designing, creating, printing, warehousing, and distributing all the printed suppliers, sales materials, and promotional materials that a business uses on a daily basis.

brand identity

5 Steps Towards a Successful Print Campaign

Good planning and preparation can make a huge difference when it comes to running a print campaign.  Putting aside some time to define the objectives of a campaign; and benchmarking your current position so you can understand the effectiveness of a campaign, is time well spent.

Pepper news

Pepper Claim Environmental Printer of the Year at BAPC Awards

We're proud to announce that in recognition of our outstanding Environmental performance this year we have been awarded the Environmental Printer of the year award at the BAPC Awards.

Pepper news

Pepper become a Royal Mail Strategic Partner

Following a rigorous tendering process, Pepper has become the only company in the South West, and one of just thirty nationwide that will partner with Royal Mail Group Ltd (RMG) to deliver a groundbreaking programme which helps SMEs boost business through direct mail initiatives.

Pepper news

Pepper going the extra 157.2 miles...

Pepper's Seth Whitford has challenged himself to get healthy, in this our Olympic year, and raise money for a great local charity by running a grand total of 12 half marathons in 2012.

Pepper news

Pepper soon to unveil a new brand identity...

To mark the occasion of our 30th anniversary we're updating our brand identity to launch us in to another 30 years of innovative business.

Pepper news

Wax On Wax Off for Pepper Studio Manager Innes

On 13th October Pepper's brave Studio Manager Innes Maclean will undertake the ordeal of an all over body wax (from the neck downwards) at Passion Hair and Beauty in Plympton, Plymouth, all in aid of a very good cause!

Pepper news

Baby Congratulations to Innes

Team Pepper wish Studio Manager Innes MacLean big congratulations this week after learning about the birth of his new baby.

Pepper news

Manager of the Year Award for Seth

We're proud to announce that Pepper's hard working Sales Director Seth Whitford has been awarded the prestigious Reed Manager of the Year Award 2012 for the South West Region.

Pepper news

New, Streamlined File Upload System from Pepper

Pepper have launched a new and improved file upload system as part of an ongoing initiative to give customers an Armchair Ride.

Pepper news

Chris Set To Reach Heady Heights

Our hard working Goods in/out guy Chris Pedro, who can usually be found looking after your consignments amongst a host of other important jobs, is currently preparing for a charity skydive taking place on 18th August to raise funds for St. Luke's Hospice in Plymouth.

Pepper news

Pepper's New Digital Suite Produces Unbelievable High Quality Digital Printing

A huge priority for Pepper has always been to stay up to date with the latest printing techniques and technologies, so we can offer our customers the highest possible quality and choice of finishes for their job's.

Pepper news

Pepper Direct Launches Easy Online Print Service

Pepper has launched a new easy to use website allowing customers with print ready artwork to obtain an instant price and order print runs of 1 through to 5,000 copies with a few easy clicks.


Direct mail campaigns – your data is important

If your mailing list isn’t current you could face some embarrassing implications to your marketing campaign not to mention loss of investment. How do you expect to get your predicted response rates if you don’t check your data regularly? With seven thousand people moving home each day it’s easy to see how your carefully prepared material can end up in the wrong hands and straight into the recycling.

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