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Whether you're looking to upskill in your current field or looking to branch out into a new area, dip you toe in and expand your horizons. These courses should help you in your career.

We've curated these free courses, which cover every area of business to help you get ahead if you find yourself furloughed. 

There are thousands of providers out there who offer a wide range of free and subsidised online learning content. To make life a little easier we have selected some of what we believe to offer the most appropriate range of courses to support your development.

They're from some of the best online and distance learning organisations and cover each and every area of business. General Business courses covering ethics and commercial awareness. Customer service courses and marketing, from digital to event planning. Health and safety, project management and accountancy. 

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Online Course Providers

There are thousands of providers out there who offer a wide range of free and subsidised online learning content. To make life a little easier we have selected some of what we believe to offer the most appropriate range of courses to support your staff development.

Future Learn

Future Learn offer a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life. They believe learning should be an enjoyable, social experience, so our courses offer the opportunity to discuss what you’re learning with others as you go, helping you make fresh discoveries and form new ideas.

Open Learn

Produced by The Open University, a world leader in open and distance learning, all Open Learn courses are free to study. They offer nearly 1000 free courses across 8 different subject areas. Courses are available to start right away.


Alison has over 1,000 high quality courses available across 9 distinct categories, all absolutely free to complete. All courses are self-paced and have been designed by subject matter experts, to give you an interactive and enriched learning experience.

You can choose from: 

  • Certificate courses (average time: 2-3 hours), which help you focus your learning to provide you with specific expertise in your field or industry.
  • Diploma courses (average time: 8-10 hours), which are designed to give you a more extensive understanding of a subject area, by helping you master multiple concepts within a subject.
  • Learning Paths (average time: 18-20 hours), which are a combination of niche courses that have been specially designed by experts, to help you: Broaden your skill set; Progress your knowledge; or Master a subject.

Oxford Home Study

OHSC is the UK's leading specialist provider of distance learning professional courses. The college is a renowned global distance learning institute dedicated to providing accredited home study courses across the world. OHSC was set up by a team of professionals with over ten years’ experience in delivering home based study programmes. 2 OHSC helps you to balance coursework with family, job, and social responsibilities. Our online courses offer you maximum flexibility and convenience. You can log onto our Online LMS from work, home, or anywhere you have Internet access, and work at your own pace to complete course assignments.

At OHSC you can access your online courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check out our free online courses with certificates. Below are some selected courses.


Business Course

Take that first important step towards becoming a successful business manager with this incredible distance learning opportunity. The transition from standard team member to a position in management is the single most significant most people will ever make. Armed with a high-quality qualification, commitment to self-improvement and plenty of dedication, there’s really no telling how far a career in business management could take you.

Commercial awareness 0?active-tab=description-tab

This short course encourages you to look across your organisation, at your place within it and the value you create. It considers how getting different perspectives and widening existing ones within your organisation can enhance commercial awareness.

Types of Report Writing

Improve your knowledge of the different types of report writing and take your business career to the next level. Study a detailed overview of the most important stages of report writing, along with the functions and objectives of various types of business reports.

Business Code of Ethics

Discover the true importance of a viable and consistent business code of ethics. Boost your CV and career prospects with a detailed introduction to business ethics.


Quality customer service is what separates successful brands from those that struggle to get by. Increasingly, consumers are choosing brands and businesses solely in accordance with customer service – above even product quality and low prices. To become proficient in high-level customer service is to become a priceless asset in the eyes of most businesses. Practical experience matters, but so too does laying the groundwork with focused, dedicated study.

This Customer Service Training course will teach you how to build top-notch customer service skills. Good customer service skills are essential for any business and learning the tricks and techniques of good customer service can be hugely beneficial for the personal and professional lives of anyone. Take this course today to improve your communication abilities and ace any customer-facing role.


Event Planning

A uniquely rewarding, dynamic and diverse creative industry, a career in event management can be incredibly fulfilling. On a global basis, demand for increasingly extravagant and elaborate events has led to an enormous spike in demand for qualified and experienced event planners. From minor business meetings to major music festivals, the event manager serves as the linchpin that brings the whole thing together. If you thrive on the idea of realising the impossible and watching your vision come to life right before your eyes, event management could be the perfect career for you.

Online Marketing

All over the world, internet marketing is quickly replacing traditional marketing as the primary go-to for a new generation of businesses. The power of digital marketing has already vastly outshined that of conventional marketing strategies – a trend that is only set to continue indefinitely. As the world becomes increasingly digitised, the influence of traditional marketing platforms like television, print and radio is diminishing rapidly. At the same time, those with advanced digital marketing skills are becoming an increasingly priceless asset in the eyes of business leaders and recruiters, spanning the vast majority of contemporary sectors.

Social Media Marketing Course

Social media is rapidly transforming the very landscape of the world we live in. As a result, experienced social media marketers are in growing demand worldwide. Our social media marketing courses with certificates provide newcomers with a ground-level introduction to this fascinating subject. Learn what successful social media marketing is all about, why social media marketing holds such enormous power and explore the initial stages of a social media marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Courses

Whether new to digital marketing or looking to take an existing career to the next level, you’ll find the best online digital marketing courses right here! We’re firm believers in the importance of accessible and affordable education. That’s why our free digital marketing certification courses are packed with the same high-quality teachings and industry insights as our paid courses.


Hazard Recognition and Risk Assessment

Hazard recognition and risk assessment are important in today's workplace - this course will walk you through how to recognize hazards, write a risk assessment and other related tools. You will walk away from the course with another perspective on how to look at your workplace. Start this course now and gain valuable new skills in the areas of hazard recognition and risk assessment.

Workstation Ergonomics

This course in Workstation Ergonomics teaches you about the physical and environmental ergonomics factors, proper posture and seating positions, and musculoskeletal disorders that result from bad ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. With this course, you will learn how it helps improve productivity and performance at work, prevent illnesses, and reduce physical strain/injury.

Fundamentals of Health and Safety in the Workplace

This course in the fundamentals of health and safety in the workplace will teach you about your duties to your fellow workers and your employer's duties to you. It will guide you through the Health and Safety at Work Act and give you a strong understanding of study risk assessment and the working environment. This is essential knowledge for employees in any organisation and will serve you well throughout your career.

Behaviour Based Safety

This behaviour-based safety course provides an introduction to behaviour-based safety practices in an organisation. This course is designed primarily for supervisors and team leaders and how they can get to know their team members and also motivate them but may be useful to anyone requiring an overview of the concepts involved. 

ISO 45001:2018 - Principles of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

This online ISO 45001 course will familiarise you with the Principles of Occupational Health and Safety prescribed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). New standard ISO 45001 was published in March of 2018, this course will teach you why the ISO has chosen to develop the standard, how the standard works, the potential benefits the standard can deliver to businesses, about the PDCA approach, and more.


The 5S System - Lean Methodology on Workplace Optimization and Housekeeping

In this course, you will learn valuable lean methodology for implementing a lean 5S System. The 5S lean tool is based on five Japanese words beginning with the letter “S”, which are meant to make a workplace optimum for lean methodologies. Study this course today and enhance your career by knowing how to implement a 5S System.

Kaizen Approach - Lean Methodology for Continuous

This course will explain the basics of the Kaizen approach. Kaizen Experts and Facilitators are needed in companies and industrial facilities as organizations are now realizing the importance of Kaizen activities such as continuous improvement programs. Start this course on Kaizen today and you will learn how to bring about a cultural change in organizations through Kaizen principles, philosophy, action plans and events.

Line Balancing and Facilities Location

This course in Applied Operations Management teaches you how to design a smooth production flow with line balancing and facilities location. Line balancing is the process of assigning tasks to workstations so that it takes every worker the same amount of time to finish a task. This minimizes idle time and removes potential bottlenecks from within a process. This course will help you improve the productivity of your manufactory.

Rethinking the Product Development Process

This product development course features serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, who has over 30 years of experience in international tech firms and business management. In this course he will discuss how start-ups fail from not targeting the right market or the right customer, and about how businesses can thrive from seeking customer feedback, and using that feedback as the basis for problem analysis and improvement.


Duties and Responsibilities of Accountant

Explore the everyday duties and responsibilities of accountants and build a detailed understanding of the role of the accountant and related personnel. Packed with essential industry insights for current and prospective accountants, this high-quality accountancy course is now available 100% free of charge. Whether pursuing a career in accountancy or looking to take better control of your own accounts, we’re standing by to welcome you on board.

Accounting Principles and Concepts

Build a detailed knowledge of the most important accounting principles and concepts, along with the growing standardisation of accounting activities and principles worldwide. Oxford Home Study Centre is proud to offer this accountancy and finance course, providing a detailed look at several accounting concepts’ meanings, objectives and applications.

P&L Account

Learn how to prepare and work with a professional P&L account, building the knowledge and skills needed to take your career to the next level. This accountancy course is ideal for newcomers and existing accountancy personnel alike. 6 Study a detailed overview of profit and loss account meaning from a business perspective, along with the purpose of profit and loss accounts and the importance of flawless accuracy. Additional topics introduced include measurement of income, establishing financial position using profit and loss accounts and additional accountancy terminology of importance.

Balance Sheet

Build the knowledge and skills needed to get to grips with balance sheets and their applications, with this exclusive free course. Learn how understanding a balance sheet and its applications could help you take your career a step further, or perhaps manage your own accounts with greater confidence and accuracy. Study balance sheet meaning and the objectives of balance sheets from a business perspective, how to prepare a balance sheet from scratch and the art of effectively analysing balance sheets. Course content also covers assets and liabilities, along with essential associated terminology. Study in your own time at a pace that suits your lifestyle, with no deadlines or time restrictions imposed.

Types of Financial Statements

Boost your knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of accountancy and finance. Whether new to accountancy or looking to take your existing career a step further, this targeted tutorial is open for enrolment 365 days a year. Study the various different types of financial statements and their purposes, along with the various types of financial reports the professional accountant works with. Enjoy the freedom to study in your own time from any location worldwide, with no time restrictions or deadlines impose.


Diploma in Project Management

This project management course will teach you how to implement project phases like a true professional. This project management course will guide you through the most important aspects of project management in a clear and simple manner. The course goes through the crucial phases of the system development lifecycle, including analysis, planning, design and evaluation, and then describes project management methodology in detail. By the end of the course, your project management career will have received a real boost.

Project Management in Practice - Monitoring, Controlling and Change Management

Master the project management skills for handling negotiations and technical projects in this course. This course Project Management - Monitoring, Controlling and Change Management covers key principles and practices in project management. This includes the process and techniques of effective project monitoring and control, developing negotiation as a critical skill, project management growth, and project closure. So, start the course today and learn how to implement monitoring, controlling and change management in project management.

Project Management

All over the world, businesses and organisations in every capacity are fundamentally reliant on projects to grow, evolve and succeed. Absolutely any limited-time activity that is undertaken with a specific goal in mind represents a project. Projects vary from new product introductions to service alterations to expansion into new territories and everything else besides. Projects can be relatively simple or spectacularly complicated, though in all instances are planned, implemented, managed and optimised by professional project managers.


Management and Leadership: Leading a Team

Develop a business plan and build a team with this online course from The Open University and CMI.


If you see yourself as a born leader in the making, now’s the time to take the next step. Inspire yourself and kickstart your success story today, with a free online leadership course. Learn how to define leadership from an organisational perspective, build on your existing acumen and examine the differences between management and leadership. Get to know the hard and soft skills that combine to create effective leadership figures, laying the groundwork for a successful career in the field.


These days, it isn’t enough to simply label yourself a leader or a manager. If interested in climbing the career ladder as quickly and efficiently as possible, you need to see yourself as both. While management is generally associated with control, processes, operational standards and so on, leadership is more about inspiration and vision. Combine the two and the result is a professional of outstanding calibre, with the potential to succeed in almost any contemporary industry. If you’ve always thought of yourself as a born leader, this management course could be the perfect opportunity to find out!

Operations Management

Learn about the role of the operations manager and the practical applications of the main theories that underpin operations management. This Diploma in Operations Management course will help you understand the role of an operations manager. By learning the key decision-making skills involved in operations management, you will make handling all the activities required to create and deliver an organisation's goods or services to its customers on a day-to-day basis much easier. So, start this course today and you'll greatly improve your operations management skills.

Facilities Management

Regularly updated for continuous improvement, our free facilities management courses are open to ambitious learners worldwide. Get to know the functions and objectives of facilities management, the characteristics of the successful facility manager and the importance of developing an effective facility management philosophy.


Employee Engagement

Engagement is a key buzzword in 21st century management. Strategic human resource management rests on the belief that people are the key to achieving competitive advantage. Employees need to be seen as assets to be developed, not costs to be controlled. This course explores three key themes: employee engagement, employee involvement and collective aspects of employee relations.

Employment Relations and Employee Engagement

This course, Employment relations and employee engagement, looks at raising levels of employee engagement, which is the latest in a long line of managerial strategies aimed at releasing employee ‘discretionary effort’ and aligning employee interests more closely with managerial goals, on the assumption that this will in turn boost organisational performance. Employees who are more engaged with their work are thus viewed to be more likely to behave in positive and cooperative ways, to the benefit of both the firm and themselves.

Human Resource

One of the few things every business and organisation has in common is its fundamental reliance on human resources. Exactly how well or otherwise a business performs will always be determined by the human resources that make up the workforce. Human resource managers are responsible for overseeing the creation, development, advancement and general management of the workforce. From initial hiring to ongoing training and right through to disciplinary proceedings, the HR manager is the linchpin that holds the team together.

Recruitment and Selection

Does the recruitment and selection process fill you with dread? Discrimination and equal opportunities legislation can make this area feel like a minefield. If you are faced with appointing a new employee then this free course, Human resources: recruitment and selection, will provide a straightforward guide to the process: from writing job descriptions to finally assessing who to appoint.


Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Learn how to properly manage your supply chain ecosystems and services with this supply chain management course. This supply chain management course will teach you the basics of supply chain management, the system businesses use to explain the flow of goods and services to their end user. Supply chain management is essential for a company's success, especially for any business competing in a global environment. This course will show you how achieve excellence in supply chain management and make you a valuable asset for any business.

Logistics and Supply Chain

In almost every business setting, there will be some kind of supply chain that facilitates everyday operations. From initial manufacturers to delivery services to storage facilities to High Street stores, the supply chain represents the combination of links/contributors that result in customers being provided with products or services. Just like a chain, absolutely every link is reliant on every other – if a single linking the chain fails, the chain as a whole cannot function. Building, maintaining and optimising supply chains can be a challenging and complicated process, which is precisely why businesses hire elite supply chain managers to oversee the process.

Material Handling

Study the art of effective material handling and the basics of warehouse management. Study the basics of warehouse management and material handling, with no fixed study schedules or deadlines to worry about.

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