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Wait what's JIC Mail?

JIC Mail (Joint Industry Committee for Mail) delivers industry-standard audience measurement data for advertising mail and door drops. Advertising mail is the third largest media channel in the UK, worth an estimated £1.7bn annually. Prior to JIC Mail there was no standard data available to compare this channel like for like against other media channels such as TV, Radio or social ads. Now you can compare figures for reach, impressions and much more.

What does this mean for me?

We can offer you the very best insight and analysis based on the latest trends and up to date data. Utilising the data in a plethora ways, we can then overlay this with our other data sources such as Neilson Ad Dynamix, TGI and IPA Touchpoints to give you a full and holistic view of the media landscape.

Competitor analysis.

See how your competitors activity is engaged with in comparison to yours in key areas such as time in the home and share of voice.


Share of voice travel example

Audience Comparison

How do your audiences differ across different media channels?we can compare the efficiency with which mail delivers against key target audiences vs other media channels

Return on Investment calculator

Based on the recent response rates we can help assist in ensuring that you can achieve the necessary ROAS.

TGI and IPA Touchpoints 

The integration of survey data from TGI and IPA Touchpoints. This allows us to help you identify, target and plan campaigns that reach the right audience through its huge range of consumer insights. It also highlights interesting patterns in how reach and frequency builds for mail. It occupies an effective frequency sweet spot by delivering frequency in the 3 to 5 exposures range.

Want to apply these tools to your next campaign? Of course you do, why wouldn't you! Get in touch today to see how we can help with your campaigns today.

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