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A successful direct mail campaign requires the right planning, some know-how, a little inventiveness and an effective and innovative production partner to help you achieve your targets.

Direct mail response rates are improving in a number of demographics, including the “Millennial” market, who consider that a properly targeted printed creative is something special to keep - a different, more meaningful medium that cuts through the digital noise of social media and email.

How can you make your own campaigns more effective?

Here are Pepper’s top five tips:

1. Solve a problem

Focus on offering a solution to a problem.
A direct mail campaign that solves a problem for somebody will be more effective because it is talking directly to them. If a customer feels they are being understood, they will engage with you.

2. What and who are you aiming for?

Focus on the right demographic.
Be selective and aim only for individuals that really meet your criteria. Fewer mailings, more carefully targeted, will be better than relying on mass-market pot-luck.
Once you’ve pinpointed your target audience, think very carefully about your message and be consistent with a clear message and a call to action. Multiple messages will leave people feeling confused and unsure about what you are saying to them.

3. Get personal

Speak personally.
People are far more likely to open a piece of mail that is properly addressed to them. Use your database to increase the level of personalisation wherever you can - it really makes a difference to response rates.

4. The clock is ticking

Require a response.

Producing a creative mailing pack and adding high levels of personalisation will mean that it is more likely to be retained by the recipient, but increased response rates are the key to a successful campaign.
Make it time-sensitive with a clear deadline and an incentive to respond by a specific date. Add emotional triggers like scarcity - mentions of “limited stock” will drive demand.

5. Get Creative

Think differently.

Use bold colours, striking headlines, unusual formats, different designs.

Consider anything that helps you to stand out on the doormat and command attention.

Make an impact and give your recipients a reason to engage with the mail you’ve sent them - even to be passed on to others too.
Tell us what you think.

What mail packs have caught your attention - good or bad?
What can you learn from others?

Ask Pepper for guidance in making your campaigns more effective.

We’re here to help.

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