Lockdown Activity Guide Week 12

The restrictions are easing further and we can now visit friends outside from afar, and create support bubbles with some of our isolated family. This is why this will be our final activity guide, we hope that you've enjoyed them. Following on from last weeks activity guide, we continue to promote togetherness and celebrate our differences into Pride Month. You’ve probably seen your search engines and social media platforms sporting rainbows and colourful details in honour of the LBGTQ+ history and supporting the community. This weeks activity guide includes educational resources that explore LBGTQ+, and other topics that will help to teach us how to appreciate the planet and creativity in our world.


Lockdown Activity Guide Week 11

We’re another week on as lockdown continues to ease. Some of your little ones will have returned to school and more and more people are returning to work. Normality may be getting closer, at least here in the UK, but the implications will be long lasting.  As we’re sure most of you have heard, there are protests happening in the US and even reaching places in the UK to voice the Black Lives Matter movement after the tragic death of George Floyd. If you’re still home schooling your little ones, good topics to discuss could be ethnic and race awareness and differences, equality, human rights or black history. We’ve included some helpful links to get you started.


Lockdown Activity Guide Week 10

Is it Summer? It sure feels like it! What amazing weather for half term! If there were normal circumstances, I’m sure a lot of us would have ventured further and taken mini coastal breaks or maybe even gone abroad. Here at Pepper, we’re luckily to be in the South West and close to lovely beaches. Wherever you are, we hope you’ve had a great week with your family and taken the time to relax and count your blessings before we return to a more fast-paced, sort of normal soon. It’s back to home-schooling next week, and we have some more tips for you. As well as, of course, our weekly favourites. Enjoy the sunshine!


Half Term Special - Lockdown Activity Guide Week 9

Half term is upon us as we head into the second May bank holiday. We've got our 5 top ideas for activities to keep everyone entertained. My personal favourite is camping in the back garden, especially with the weather forecast to be hot and sunny for all of the week! There is also some exercise moivation as well as the usual round up on recommended show, puzzles and colouring.


Lockdown Activity Guide Week 8

We're now in week 8 of lockdown. The government has announced plans to slowly ease the economy back into action with certain sectors going back to work but for many of us the stay at home message has remained the same.


Lockdown Activity Guide Week 7

May the force be with you, as this week saw Star Wars Day come and go. I hope that the force is still strong with you as we endure week 7 of lockdown but it seems the dark sides grip is loosening and we may soon be heralding in a new age. One we have not known since before 23rd March 2020.


Lockdown Activity Guide Week 6

Week 6 of lockdown, the sun has gone and the April showers have made an appearance, but we're not going to let it get us down!  Hopefully by now you know what to expect but if you are new to this then as the title denotes we've produced an activity guide for each week of lockdown. You can see the back catalogue on our blog. 


Lockdown Activity Guide Week 5

Week 5 of lockdown, week 5 of our lockdown activity guide. Hopefully by now you know what to expect but if you are new to this then as the title denotes we've produced an activity guide for each week of lockdown. You can see the back catalogue on our blog.


Lockdown Activity Guide Week 4

As we stretch into this 4th week of lockdown it looks like we may well be here for a few more weeks yet but there is, hopefully, a little light at the end of the tunnel with many media outlets and experts believing that the lockdown restrictions will start to ease from 4th May, a mere 3 weeks away!


Pepper's Easter Activity Pack

We may not be experiencing the Easter that any of us thought that we would be enjoying, but at least the sun will be shining and the mercury rising, so hopefully you can all get out in your designated exercise time. While everything is still on hold for the foreseeable future we've put together an Easter special version of our weekly activity guide, packed with fun for all the family while we find ourselves in Lockdown for the extended Easter bank holiday weekend. 


Pepper Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - 03 April


Pepper's Lockdown Activity Guide Issue 2

We hope that you're all fit and well in the second week of lockdown, we've produced a second issue of our lockdown activity guide for you, to ease the pain. Whether that's total unadulterated boredom, going mad with kids climbing the walls, all out cabin fever or all of the above plus some!


Pepper's Isolation Activity Guide

Thousands of people are in or facing a period of quarantine or isolation as a result of Coronavirus. At the best of times, staying away from loved ones, peers and colleagues would be a challenge, but adding the spectre of a potentially life threatening infection to the mix can elevate this to a stressful experience.

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