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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - 03 April

As the Coronavirus crisis deepens, our priority at Pepper has been to maintain the health, well being and safety of our staff and customers. We are also trying to maintain continuity of supply for orders that we currently have and to continue to fulfil any future requests. We are now working with a core production team only and limited resources, with those that can work from home, now doing so - all in line with Government advice. 

All staff have completed COVID-19 awareness training and have been provided with the necessary PPE to complete their roles safely and at the necessary social distance.  Poster communication reminding all staff of the latest government guidance regarding COVID-19 is displayed around the business.

As a family run business and a business that treats its staff, suppliers and customers as family, we have taken all the measures possible to make sure we have the policies and procedures in place as we navigate through these unprecedented times. 

The landscape is unprecedented and changing constantly. We continue to take guidance from local health departments and government advice with a focus on our ability to continue work and deliver our products and services.

We have outlined the full details of our response in our latest Coronavirus Update Statement.

You can view and download in PDF format on the link below:

Pepper Coronavirus Update Statement V3 23rd March 2020





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