Cheaper postage is coming soon - Mailmark Economy Postage service to launch

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There will be a new postage kid on the block come January 2021. An even cheaper way to send letters via the Mailmark service.

Prices haven’t yet been released but if you have non time critical mail there will be an even better value way to send the item, reducing costs and negating the annual postage price rises.

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The Detail

If you’ve got this far then you know your postage services, your directs from your residues, not that the Mailmark service has those.

Royal Mail will be launching this service the new Mailmark Economy Service on 4th January 2021. They will also be updating the Magazine Subscription Service and making some amendments to the Mailmark specification.


Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Mailmark Economy Service

Customer hands posting over to carrier

Carrier hands posting over to Royal Mail

Royal Mail delivers mail or defers delivery

Royal Mail delivers mail or defers delivery

Royal Mail delivers mail or defers delivery

Royal Mail delivers remainder of posting to specification

Standard Mailmark Service

Customer hands posting over to carrier

Carrier hands posting over to Royal Mail

Royal Mail delivers posting to specification





This new service includes a lower priced letters delivery service which defers the delivery of non-time critical letters by up to three days.



Due to be released in Autumn 2020 and due to be less than regular Mailmark service.


Economy Mailmark aims to deliver letters within four working days of handover, with up to 45% estimated to be delivered the day after handover to Royal Mail.


Presentation Requirements

These will the same as the standard Mailmark service for ease.

Changes to the Mailmark Specification

On the 7th September 2020, Royal Mai will be introducing improvements to the current Mailmark specification.

One-piece mailers: In addition to the existing maximum dimensions of 240mm x 165mm x 5mm, Royal Mail are extending the one-piece mailer spec tso that mailing items with a maximum dimension of 248mm x 165mm x 3mm and at no more than 70grams can be posted

Paper Wrap specification: To support customers looking to migrate from single use Polywrap Royal Mail have developed a new paper wrapped Large Letter clesiffication to give customers clear guidance on how to present paper wrapped large letters and to provide a wide range of outer wrap options to enclose customers mailings.. We’re hopeful that this will include compostable poly wrap options too.

Large Letter delivery address and barcode location: To provide greater flexibility to customer Royal Mail have broadened the location options for the delivery address and barcode on Large Letters. We will update the full specification as soon as we have it and post a link to this here.

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