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Using a specialist print finish can make your printed artwork stand-out and can be the perfect addition to your direct mail campaign. There are a wide range of finishes you can apply to your design. Have you ever considered adding a Spot UV varnish, embossing, hot foil or lamination?

Read our short guide of the best print finishes for your artwork:

Die Cutting

Die Cut Sample from Pepper Communications

Die cutting is used to create bespoke shapes such as the butterfly above, this process is also great for door hangers, magazines, booklets and mailers. You can create a wide range of shapes to any design, using this process can really innovate your artwork.


Embossed sample from Pepper Communications

Embossing is a technique that creates an impression on paper for emphasis or texture. It work well with foil stamping to enhance your design it works especially well with logos.

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping sample from Pepper Communications

Foil is added to the surface of your paper using heat and pressure. It adds an element of luxury to your artwork and works well with embossing. Its best use is for highlighting areas of text or a logo.


Laminate print finish

By adding a layer of plastic film you can add durability to your final product, it works well as a protective coating. Standard lamination options are matt or gloss.

Spot UV

Spot UV Sample from Pepper Communications

Spot ultra violet (UV) varnish is another great way to highlight specific areas of artwork or text on your product. By using a darker design with spot UV you can maximise it's impact (as  shown above).

If you would like to know more about adding a finish to your artwork call Lucy our Business Development Manager or your Key Account Manager on
alternatively email hello@pepper.co.uk.

Here's a great infographic we found highlighting some other areas worth considering:

Choosing Between Printing Methods




Tell us what you think @PepperComms, what has been your favourite print campaign?

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