How to create a PDF/X1-a PDF from InDesign 2020

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Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a newb, follow our guide for Pepper perfect PDF’s.





Need some Help?

If you are new to all this or just short on time, just ask your Pepper representative to book some Studio time* onto your job and we can guide you through step by step to make sure you get the best Pepper experience.

* Studio time is chargeable please ask for costs


Watch our quick how to video here


General PDF Checklist


Hi-res images

Linked files/ Fonts

PDF/X-1a preset

Trim marks

3mm bleed


Top Tips


Links & Fonts

Ensure all images, graphics and fonts that are used in your document are linked in the links panel.

Personalised/Variable text

Variable text such as address, names, amounts etc, is printed using a different process to your base artwork. Please set all variable dummy copy to a spot colour (Pantone Colour) and call the colour ‘Personalisation’.

Using Pantones

Unless for Personalised text, please discuss the use of Pantones with your Pepper representative before including them in your artwork.

Printer Marks

Please do not export your PDF with colour bars or other printer marks. Your PDF only needs to have trim marks, 3mm bleed and page information.

A note on colour profiles Our uncoated profile is FOGRA29 and our coated profile is FOGRA39. Our system software will automatically convert your artwork to these profiles.


Download your own How To Guide here

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