What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a widely-used printing method. It works with a four colour solution that makes use of ink or toner, just as most home printers do. This printing method works by creating a series of small coloured dots, filling the image from an electronic file sent to the printer, like pdf or jpg image files.

Our capabilities allow us to print on a much larger scale than any home printer and with a higher quality process at quicker speeds. Our method requires no printing plates, therefore excess resources like paper and toner are not wasted. The savings made from this added efficiency are ultimately passed on to the customer.

What are the advantages of digital printing?

If you need printing solutions at a lower cost with a quicker turnaround time, digital printing is the solution for your business. If you have the resources to invest in a more time-consuming, premium print solution, litho printing could be a better option.

Aside from the fast service and low cost, digital printing allows for personalisation during the process. This could include items like numerical values or varying details like addresses. Digital printing utilises a lower gsm paper than litho printing – typically 80-350gsm – which should be considered when weighing up your printing solution options. thinner paper is more affordable, but lacks the appeal of the thicker paper used in litho printing.

We offer a range of printing services and solutions so whatever your printing needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today and speak to one of our experienced account managers to see how Pepper can help your business with its digital printing needs.